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Grace Grossmann is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach based in Berlin, Germany. Through eBooks and paperbacks, Grossmann shares her wisdom as learned through the hard times life has taken her through, and shows us how we can remain resilient and come out stronger than we went in.

Grossmann offers a range of wellbeing courses including one-on-one and workplace schemes to help boost morale and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

Yoga classes are held both in-person in a group setting or online, and throughout lockdown Grossmann provided helpful group sessions to help with the loneliness epidemic that seemed to come with isolation.

Read more about Grace Grossmann and her practises at Grace Grossmann Yoga & Wellbeing.


"Grace is the voice that calls us to change and the power to pull it off."

-  Max Lucado


Start enjoying life with a

mindful eye


positive perspective.

Meet Grace

Yoga Instructor, Well-Being Coach, Writer

A multi-disciplinary creative keen to make a change.

I'm Grace and I help people go from 

a human doing to a human being.

I help you boost your well-being by reconnecting with what matters most.

Are you ready to create compassion, community, and connection?


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Check out 'Chill out and Cheer Up'

 Nowadays, we question what leading a happy life entails, how to be satisfied. We end up wasting our energy away, looking for happiness and not living it the right way. What even is the right way!? We follow the path that is supposedly set out to us by societal stresses and cunning commercials, steering us in the direction of Always. Wanting. More. When in your twenties, thirties, even sixties, we often question what's happening. Let’s heal together.

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How Can I Help You?








Yin, Hatha

Are you ready for  

"positive energy that is

inspirational and contagious?" 

Work with grace; find your grace!


Seen in

Read how I have been a
mindfulness guide for my clients.

I feel lucky and grateful for Grace's guidance these 9 weeks. Mostly I feel empowered. It feels good to have her on my side, supporting my intentions, taming my criticism.

Thanks for your kind and professional support and advice.”

- Corina L,

A client in coaching with private meditation and yoga sessions

If you need to shorten your website copy or have a succinct ad written, then I highly recommend Grace. She

takes the time to get to know you, while demonstrating professional writing, editing and copywriting skills.

She simply says it better

She is an absolute pleasure to

work with!"

- Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse

Writing and yoga client 

I am definitely in a better headspace, in fact in a better space in general. I can confirm that I have received positive comments from other people - I look and act much more like myself again.

I am more at ease and peace with myself."

- Monika B,

A client in coaching with private

yoga sessions

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