Meet Grace

Writer, yogi, tea addict, avid charity shop goer

Hello, I'm Grace! I'm a Berlin-based writer, yoga teacher, and wellness coach from Chester, UK. I like to smile at people in the street and laugh daily.


I have a dual degree in Journalism and Spanish (BA) and aim to empower others through my proficiency in writing with positive intentions. 

What I can do for you:

  • My bright and optimistic view of the world will infuse your words with the power to heal and make people feel. 

  • Through my spiritual side, I can connect with clients on an empathetic level and empower them by realising their true potential.

  • My charismatic, compassionate and caring character (heightened from teaching children English the past four years) aids me to be attentive to all your needs so our relationship is transparent.

  • I am a firm believer that less means more and the same applies to the way I write - the more succinct texts are, the more your message makes a difference.


I write to make a change. Are you ready for a positive influence? I am here to inspire and I can make your writing shine bright like the star you are. 


Here's an interview on a Medium Publication I write for:

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Phone: 004915236397249

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