Are you ready to find your flow?

Do you suffer from an overwhelming transition from societal repression? Feeling alone in it all? You're not!

During your 20s and 30s, it can be overwhelming.

Let's take a step back from societal standards to seek out what's within. Find out the power of group coaching to gain confidence, stick to healthy habits, set boundaries,

work through self-limiting beliefs!


"I love the chemistry we have created between us." 

My 9-week group coaching course may be for you if you want to put your well-being first and find fulfilment based on the standards you set, not society.

My 9-week group coaching course:

BALANCE at the heart of it

and you, the beat.


Next course starts on Thursday 15th October at 7 pm CET on Zoom:

Each week, we will have 1-hour sessions in a group of 6 - each person has an accountability partner - centred around a theme (listed below).


At the start of the pandemic, I wrote and released a short self-help book during my journey of healing from heartbreak to help others to also find peace within. Now is the time to put these lessons into practice. We find our flow by letting go of what we already know; re-learning awareness, awakening acceptance.


With my 9-week group coaching course, it is my mission to guide you in taking the unlearning what we know; finding your flow by embracing certain rituals to raise your energy levels and support your well-being.

After all, when we care for one another, we achieve well-being for all.

Here's what to expect:​

Week 1: Self-Leadership (Letter Writing & Goal Setting)

Grounding ourselves by mind mapping, letter writing.

What to let go of and find trust in.


Week 2: Self-Compassion (Setting Boundaries from Self-Criticism)

How we speak to ourselves - working with gratitude in all areas of life. 

Week 3: Self-Awareness (Understanding of types & development)

Exercising our attention on ourselves and others better - how to stop comparing.

The benefits of seeking feedback.

Week 4: Strategic Journaling (Journaling for Mental Detox)

Grace shares the three steps to strategic journaling and discussing the narrative.

Week 5: Exercise (Importance & Intro to Yoga with 30-minute class)

Positive effects of exercise on focus - how long? Power of simple exercise daily.

Introduction to yoga and meditation - which style of yoga suits you?

Week 6:  Body image (How to love your body)

How to create a loving relationship with your body.

Week 7: Solitude & Socialising (Difference & Importance)

How to find the balance between socialising and basking in solitude - intuitive work.

When to say no and let yourself be.

Week 8: Listening effectively (how to listen to others and create a connection)

Learning to be open and honest to stay true to yourself.


Week 9: Piecing progress together and finding peace

Stop feeling bad, start being you and spread awareness to others.

The next course starts at 8.10. Each session will be 25Euros (HALF the usual cost of private 1:1 coaching sessions), taking place on Zoom.

This price includes:

  • PDF workbook

  • Accountability partner for a "greater impact" as said by one of my previous students

  • Access to FB group with other participants for peer:peer support

  • As a yoga teacher, well-being coach, writer, I've learned ways to deal with stress management and tame self-limiting beliefs to bring balance and harmony in life. Now I want to share them with you!

If you're interested, please fill out this form:

Thanks for reading and I wish you well,