Raise your communication, raise your vibration

Beginning February 1st

The first two early birds get this course for only £200 - click Buy Now to secure your spot.

After that, the remaining 4 slots will be available for £250.

A brief introduction...

This is an exclusive, 6-person capacity, 7-week group coaching course to better your communication skills:

Do you struggle to be heard, or know what to say?

Find out what you lack and where you can work on to blossom in fruitful relationships - dating, work-life, friendships, family.

Starting on Feb 1st or 8th every Monday from 8-9 pm for 250 euros is a part of a six-person group creating connection and having an accountability partner.


Each week there are assignments to do.

Week 1) Working with fear:
What fear do you have to speak up? Where does it come from?

Week 2) Self-limiting beliefs:
Following on from last week, we discuss your inner dialogue and the self-projection you may have of yourself in conversations.


Week 3) Politeness:
What is the difference between being blunt and rude to be to the point and clear?


Week 4) Your voice:
What is your voice? How do you see yourself from a 3rd person view?


Week 5) What matters:
What is it that matters to you when you hold a conversation? E.g., Empathy, love, understanding.


Week 6) Respecting your boundaries:
Bringing in awareness of limitations and boundary setting


Week 7) Summarising
Bringing everything together

What you can expect in this 7-week course

60 minute coaching calls every week.

You'll be paired with an accountability partner.

Catch-up chats with your mentor weekly.

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