How to Accept What You Can’t Control

Now is the perfect time to accept what you can’t control and feel free

As humans, we want to be in control. Always have, always will.

You see it now — a pandemic has provoked everyone to act irrationally due to lack of control and knowledge over an unknown situation arising.

I feel it now — I have lost my main stream of income from teaching English and yoga for the next five weeks and it is out of my control.

I could panic and stress, or I could accept and progress.

I have chosen the latter, because I know how to accept what you can’t control due to my best friend suddenly dying at age 21, for example.

Anybody can learn tricks and tips to accept what they can’t control, and I’m here to share them because:

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” — Alber Einstein

Notice how you feel and let go

The first step I took when accepting what I can’t control is noticing how I felt. Right now, I could be stressed about my current job situation. Schools and fitness studios are closed, so I have no choice in the matter as a freelancer to change the circumstances.

I reclaimed my power by quickly noticing that I cannot stress over things I cannot control. By changing the way I perceived the situation, I shifted my focus. I reminded myself of the serenity prayer:

“God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

I believed it and prayed it. When I admitted to the fact I cannot control this situation, I started to notice how I feel: helpless and defenceless.Do you feel the same way, too? We all do. However:

“When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” — Viktor Frankl

Start to accept how you feel

After letting go of what I can’t control, I started to look within and realise what is in my power to trade in fear for faith out of this whole pandemic panic.

My a-ha moment hit! Why not (finally) try teaching yoga online, so I can spread peace and positivity? Yes! I put it on Facebook and got great feedback.In essence, I realised there was no time to monkey around but make the most of the five weeks in ways I can try and spread my optimistic frame of mind to others. Available here:

We all need hints of hope right now.And that is the magic in the power of feeling and accepting what you cannot control is believing:

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” — William James

By accepting what I couldn’t control early on, I chose to look within and find a hidden opportunity in all this and:

Make something out of it

The thing is, I can’t do anything right now about everything closing in Berlin, the virus spreading, and lockdown happening. Nor can you. We all can’t help it — it is fully out of our control.

However, it annoys me to see the irrational behaviour of people buying in tons of toilet roll (I didn’t get there in time, so just have tissues FYI!) as if the world is coming to an end.This is not the way we should be acting.

Just because we can’t control the virus from spreading, doesn’t mean we have to go mad on shopping. Think about others and what you can do to help.It is time to let go of control because the brutal truth is: We don’t have control over many things in our life, and there is no better time to accept this than right now.

A pandemic has hit and we all must take the time to make something out of it.

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” — John F. Kennedy

Naturally, we all feel in danger, but don’t dwell on the danger, rather allow it to show you something magical — a chance to make your dreams come true (not to sound cliche at all!).My opportunity here lies in finally getting over my fear of teaching online yoga classes and fully dedicating myself to building my freelance writing business. So what’s yours?

“We can’t always be in control over what happens, and we feel particularly vulnerable when large events shake our lives. We’d like to centralize our passions and have our dreams come true.” — Rick Foster & Greg Hicks, How to Choose to Be Happy

Look within and make your dreams come true

Creating a plan in times of self-isolation is ideal. Not to mention, this is the perfect time for you to overcome control and feel whole.

Take time to ask yourself what you want to do over these weeks that maybe has been on your mind for years, but there’s been no time.It doesn’t have to be big. Take small steps. Is there a recipe you’ve wanted to cook or bake for ages but haven’t got round to doing it? Go for it!

Is there a book or course you’ve wanted to get into but time hasn’t been on your side? Do it!Now is the time to look within, meditate and pray and find out what your mission is for today. I did it, so you can too. I’ve accepted what I can’t control and the consequences of the pandemic in my life and turned it into new opportunities.

I feel like not having control is quite engaging; urging me more to take my steps forward:

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” — C.S. Lewis

I’ve refocused my energy on my mission in life: spreading the power of peace. That’s why I write and teach in the first place. What’s your mission? Forget about working from home and take heed about what’s on your heart.Nobody is going to tell you, so take this time to find out.

“One way is to adopt the “get over it, get on with your life” strategy. Another way is to decide you’d rather stay upbeat and positive regardless of the severity of the situation.” — Rick Foster & Greg Hicks, How to Choose to Be Happy

Final words:

By accepting what I can’t control early one, I’ve lessened the weight of anxiety on my shoulders and in my heart, as well as finding a blessing in disguise. An opportunity is waiting for you — you just have to believe it by hugging the possibility of change and letting go of control.

When you learn to accept, an array of beautiful things will shower you with love and light. First, notice how you feel, then accept and move on, and finally make something out of it.

Here are ten things that will happen when you lose control and embrace uncertainty.

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