How to Befriend Fear and Use it To Your Advantage

Steps to befriend fear and move forward

Fear gets to us all. I used to think I need to get rid of it, but now I befriend it. Currently, I am full of fear as I build my freelance writing career, but I’ve learnt techniques to lead me to be full of faith instead of fear because:

“Faith in one’s self… is the best and safest course.” — Michelangelo

Learning how to befriend fear and use it to your advantage means furthering in personal development and spiritual growth. Here are the steps to befriend fear and move forward, so you can learn to love the fear and not fight it:

Notice the fear and question it

How does fear arise? In a myriad of fashions. From simply walking down the street late at night or starting something new, fear pops up to protect us and push us. So the first step to befriend fear is to notice when your fear arises and question it because one of the worst things you can do is try to ignore it.

When I faced my fears, I became more attuned to moments that it swallowed up my positive energy and so I would be ready to revive myself in healthy ways. For example, I’d write down how I was feeling and find the answer. This works for fear and every emotion. Journalling is always an effective way to release emotions; I’ve written about this before!:

Journaling: An Effective Way to Release Emotions

It was a sound start in getting to know what makes me fearful and question why. Admittedly, I was in a kind of overdrive of fear (yoga and meditation weren’t doing the deal) when I wasn’t getting jobs that I’d wasted precious time applying for and then finally thought I would take control and make that “dream for later” a reality (aka freelance writing!).It was terrifying; not going to lie. But I knew it was going to be either way because of the fact I was starting something new I didn’t have much a clue about. But as my mum says:

“Everyone has got to start somewhere”

I knew she was right. This was my way of befriending fear — I realised I needed to stop pushing it away because it’s our human instinct, so you can never get rid of it.Accept this and you are already one step closer to befriending fear!

Christopher D. Connors soundly says this:

“Every step of your journey fear will be there by your side. So you better get used to it.”

Once you can notice and question fear, you can start to:Reassure yourself with affirmations I do this all the time. Healthy reminders work wonders. By choosing a Bible verse or positive phrase, I decide not to be confronted with fear but to comfort it instead.In general, affirming yourself every day helps a ton — a chance for you to relish in self-belief and self-confidence. I access the fact fear is in my mind and my heart is leading the way.


“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” — Roy T. Bennett

Find the courage to befriend fear by knowing what your heart wants. When following my heart, I can treat fear with a firm belief in myself and my mission. Using affirmations has made me realise the true power our mindset has and how everything we need is within.In other words, affirmations are like a natural healer for the mind and body. Say goodbye to fear and hello to faith! Due to this, I centre yoga practices around mantras when teaching yoga classes in Berlin. I make it a very predominant part of the class because the more you repeat, the more you believe and resonate with a phrase, enabling fear to melt away.

My statements are personal and they dig deep.

Whenever fear arises, I can befriend fear and use it to my advantage by repeating affirmations to myself. Some days, I wake up with fear. It causes morning anxiety and I know I have to rise and do my morning routine. First thing in the morning, I’ll set an intention or mantra and carry it throughout the day. Have you done this?

Some of my affirmations to fight fear are as follows:

- I am renewed and strengthened by your life-giving energy

- I am submerged in my eternal light entering into every part of my body

- God is within me and around me, protecting me from fear

Make your affirmations and keep going with what you’re doing, so the fear can’t control you but you can control the way it makes you feel!Once you know how to befriend fear and use it to your advantage, it is easier to go with the flow. What flow? I explained last week in my blog:

How to Go With the Flow In conclusion:

We all worry with fear, but it’s finding the root and reason to carry on, that counts. If you do this, befriending the fear might take you to places you never imagined. Make it a daily routine to treat fear and become more confident in yourself because:

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

By treating my fear with patience, reassurance and kindness, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Are you ready to, too? Woohoo!

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