How To Deal With The Shift In Energy

New moon and pandemic, our energy levels are up and down — here are ways to handle it

I’ve been feeling out of sorts recently. One minute, I’m motivated, the next, I’m down. The new moon, changes in life, are some reasons for the current heightened vibrations.

There is a shift in surroundings, people, and within — can you feel it, too?

We are all going through this strange shift in energy, so here’s how to deal with it by knowing what a change of energy is and how you can elicit the correct response.

What is the shift in energy?

“We first have to understand that all beings are made of energy, as is everything around us in the Universe.” — The Law Of Attraction

We’ve all been through a lot when it comes to accepting what we can’t control and the significant changes throughout the world, not just in our individual lives as of recent.

Thus, we are probably more attuned to identifying the collective stream of consciousness; some are more open to being aware of it now more than ever.

The shift in energy is to do with personal and collective elevations of consciousness, phases of the moon (the new moon in Leo on 19th August), significant changes in life.

When you are adept in noticing the energy frequency, you will start to feel overwhelmed or out of sorts. So here’s how to deal with it:

Your mood swings

Is it just me or why am I feeling so funny?! I have a lot of new energy coming into my life right now, so I’m also allowing myself to take it slower at times. As my mum is living with me, I feel a lot of energy sweeping around. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.

How to deal with the shift in energy means to come to terms with your short temper, heightened anxiety, and plain weird feelings at times. The more you know how you feel, the better it gets to bounce back.

I breathe, I write, then I feel alright. What do you do?

Your strong urges

With the shift in energy, comes strong urges to do something new, let go of something that no longer serves you — whatever it might be, trust in your intuition and feel free.

There may be a desire in you to take a new direction or step out into the open. You may even want more time alone to reconsider what you are doing with your life. Personally, I know I want to give all my effort into coaching and planning right now is at the top of my list. I am wanting to take myself seriously by making a marketing strategy, for example.

I’m very spontaneous, but now I want to be more grounded and offer value to others by knowing my value too.

Whatever strong urge you have, tap into it and find peace with it. I can help you with my 1:1 coaching.

New moon

“It’s helping all zodiac signs embrace their inner diva — in a good way!” — Bustle What are you letting go of towards your fresh start? Now is the time to do it when the new moon is in fiery Leo! After going to my first new moon cacao ceremony with my mum, I felt freer as I was sure to let go of fear.

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