How to Deal With The Ups And Downs In Your Life

One day you’re up, the next day you’re down — learn how to go with the flow

We are currently on a rollercoaster of emotions. One day you may be feeling positive about the pandemic and finding peace within, next minute you don’t want to get up from the bed.

It’s OK.

These days call for us to catch ourself during any emotion, instead of attaching ourselves to them. Some mornings, I am dancing for joy (having recently broken up with my boyfriend), then early evening hits when I’m craving his presence and crying my eyes out.

Here’s how to deal with the ups and downs of your life — now is the perfect time to learn!

Go with the flow

Surely you’ve heard of this saying before? I say it all the time. I live by it; allowing me to accept the ups and downs in life with care and compassion. If you don’t know how to go with the flow, first check out my post:

How to Go With the Flow

The flow of life is all about

As Colins Dictionary finely puts it, to “go with the flow” means:

“If you go with the flow, you let things happen or let other people tell you what to do, rather than trying to control what happens yourself.”

So let’s say right now all you can think of is negative, maybe losing a job or a member of the family due to the pandemic.

How do you feel? You are most likely hurt and feel down. However, this “down” time in your life is only now and will pass. Remember:

“This too shall pass.”

I have lost my mainstream income job, broken up with my boyfriend, parents

splitting up, AND am moving places to live in a few days.

Don’t ask me how I do it — I just do! I am in a creative flow on full acceleration and embracing the ups and downs of life to the best of my ability (if I say so myself!).

A lot is going on in my life, but I find comfort in the fact that no matter what, there will be a down day and a happy day.

Nothing is ever the same — Everchanging, ever-flowing.

During the lockdown, I’ve made more of an effort to listen to my body and just lie down if I feel a sense of fatigue or read a book if my mind is overwhelmed.

So what are you doing to help yourself deal with the ups and downs of life right now?

Go with the flow and remember to:

Feel and let go

You are going to feel so many emotions at the moment; it’s only normal. Admittedly, I am exhausted and excited at the same time. I know that when I feel and let go, I grow. How to deal with the ups and downs of life is to feel and let go — simple.

Once you notice your emotions rising and falling, you can detach yourself and move on.

The joy of life ARE the ups AND the downs! I birthed a book out of my heartbreak because I felt inspired to share the peace within that I had found through teaching daily yoga classes, praying and meditating. Find ways that suit you to enable a sense of stillness and connection because:

“Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

And stop being so hard on yourself! The spring of 2020 is the season of self-discovery, so you are bound to be up, down and all around. Just go with it and learn how to treat yourself kindly:

How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself During Hard Times Tips on how to survive the pandemic and finally stop being hard on

Last but not least, the way I deal with ups and downs in my life is to let go and follow the flow of my body!

Move your body

Waking up to the sun shining and the birds tweeting provides grooving energy within my body and brings in the sense of connection to the music. I let my body lead me. Listen to your body. If you struggle to accept the negative parts of your life, let it go by dancing, exercising or whatever makes you feel better!

Luminita listed ten smart ways to deal with ups and downs in your life, and the four words that most stuck out to me were:

“You are only human.”

Read and repeat, then follow your heartbeat.

It has been proven dancing affects the mind by contributing to a sense of satisfaction. Endorphins are released when we mindfully move and let go of steam, so try it out! Here are some more tips for dealing with the ups and downs of your life:

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In conclusion:

Learn to go with the flow, feel every emotion and move with your body; then you will accept the ups and downs of life with a smile on your face. It’s all about connection.

Thanks for reading and stay blessed. ♡

Here’s my essential eBook to get you through tough times:

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