How to Effectively Release Your Anxiety by Journaling

Three steps to follow to release your anxiety and reframe your state of mind

Journaling has always soothed my anxiety. I used to wake up feeling overwhelmed before the day began, but now I let it all out on paper.

Now I roll out of bed to breathe, read, pray, and journal before I teach yoga to release my feelings and discover how to release them. Positive Psychology says:

“It can help us shift from a negative mindset to a more positive one, especially about ourselves.”

There are three steps I follow to find peace within, so this guide will share them with you on how to effectively release your anxiety by journaling.

Say how you feel

Sometimes we can’t admit to how we feel because we don’t know what this knot in our chest or tummy means. Journaling will help you identify the root of your feelings and then find a solution. How exactly?

Follow your stream of the subconscious. As you do, journaling will become a flow of finding out how you feel. I did this when coping with grief, too. I usually start my morning journal by saying how I feel and then re-reading it and essentially, discovering my current state of being.

I become aware, accept, and move on. Remember:

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” — Eckhart Tolle

Once you are aware of your anxiety, you can start to see past it. Write with no judgment; write for yourself, make it personal. Nobody else will read this; only you, so find peace to use journaling to your full potential. Here’s why and how journaling helps.

How to effectively release your anxiety by journaling concerns going inward and accepting your current state of feelings by writing them down, then asking yourself:

How do you want to feel?

Now you know how you feel; you are focused. Very Well Mind says:

“Some of the roots of your anxiety can be minimized through a bit of focused examination.”

I’m a firm believer that journaling is like a medicine for the Mind! I’ve outlined how journaling is an

effective way to release emotions:

Journaling: An Effective Way to Release Emotions My best friend passed away when I was 21. Since then, I’ve gotten into the habit of journalling whenever my heart is…

Through writing, you can sense your thoughts and feelings, then shift towards a better perspective of how you want to feel.

Personally, when I’ve written my emotions down, to begin with, I will re-read and note then how I want to move away from my current state. I’d find gratitude, grace, goals to shift my focus towards rather than the anxiety, fear, doubt that could’ve previously been pervading my mindset.

Once you pinpoint your anxiety, you can become aware and driven to decide how your day will be by noting your ability to make your mind think better by asking:

What will you do to make your day enjoyable?

Words are your fuel for a good day. Words are energy. Everything you think is manifested or digested into your stream of living.

Think about it: You are what you think you are. So do you want to start your day thinking you can do whatever you want to do? I do!

Use words mindfully, carefully. By writing down affirmations, mantras, verses, you can reset your brain to have a positive outlook for the day ahead.

For example, I always end my morning journaling with a phrase I would have come up with during my Bible study or during journaling to then take through my yoga class. As I journal before I teach yoga, it comes in handy to set my mind up to teach an effective lesson to release anxiety as well.

Some of my favourite mantras to start the day are:

  • I can do whatever I want to do.

  • I believe I can, so I will.

  • I am fuelled with passion.

  • I am filled with fresh energy.

So there are three steps on how to effectively release your anxiety by journaling — notice your feelings, find peace with them, move on to better ones! Shifting your thoughts from anxiety to ecstasy is possible to start your day feeling empowered. Here are 83 benefits of journaling.

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