How to Make Peace With The Present Moment During a Pandemic

The pandemic offers us the chance to make peace with the present moment, here’s how

This pandemic is calling us to draw within. Some people find self-isolation intimidating; I find it quite healing.

Even though I’m going through a break-up and have lost my mainstream income, I focus my energy on making peace with the present moment.

It has allowed me to find comfort during quarantine and I believe right now we have an opportunity to make peace within and the world around us. Staying inside doesn’t have to be so depressing. For Deepak Chopra:

“It’s an existence I’ve always enjoyed.”

This peaceful existence is also on offer to you. Here is how to make peace with the present moment during a pandemic:

What is peace with the present moment?

Before we go any further, let’s establish what peace with the present moment is. A therapist of 40 years, John Amodeo simply summarises:

“Sometimes we need to allow some spaciousness around our feelings so that they have a chance to settle.”

Through giving ourself space in the present moment and noticing our feelings, we can find peace. With that said, the first step in how to make peace with the present moment during the pandemic is to:

Allow yourself to sit still and be sad

Peace is not something to be bought, it’s a feeling inside to be found.

Sure people can guide you (like me right now!), but it’s up to you to seek it out. You can seek peace out by being with yourself right here, right now. The present moment shows us how we truly feel and it’s beautiful.

I find the best way to seek peace out is to sit still and be sad. Sounds crazy, right? But this is essentially what meditation is — sitting with emotions and learning to acknowledge them for what they are, so you can then let them go.

“We have the opportunity, even in difficult times, to let our spirit shine.” — Jack Kornfield

When I allow myself to feel every emotion, I tune into a deeper sense of peace within. (Stick with me, this isn’t all just hippy-dippy shit!)

During this pandemic, have you been feeling every single emotion possible!? 


I’ve been experiencing fluctuating feelings of fear, uncertainty, doubt, sadness (the list goes on!) arise, where I will just allow myself to sit with them. I’ve noticed if I don’t deal with them, they are bound to build up because you must:

Accept what you can’t control

An essential ingredient to finding peace in the present moment is accepting what you can’t control. You can’t control how you wake up with anxiety these days because of the weighing down effect the pandemic is having on all of us. 

Yet you can control the duration of the anxious feelings by facing them and letting them go. I spoke about this previously in my blog post:

How to Accept What You Can’t Control

Now is the perfect time to learn to accept what you can’t control and feel free

Again, Deepak Chopra, wellness leader and a meditation facilitator with the most soothing voice (for those who didn’t know!) summarises this very well:

“I have to be mindful not to sink into the panic and fear that has seeped into the collective consciousness.”

Instead of fighting against what’s happening, let it happen and make it your duty to find peace within. This is the first time a pandemic has hit us all on a worldly scale, so stop trying to control it and let it happen. Ride with it. 

I do this by breathing and letting myself know I’m not the only one and actually, other people in the world have it way worse than we do… poverty and war still exists, remember?

The last method you can adapt to make peace with the present moment during the pandemic is to:

Adopt a healthy routine

According to the University of Central Florida, establishing a routine can help you develop new normality to this uncertainty. They advise adopting a healthy routine by:

“Starting your days by doing things that are productive, such as studying or yoga, take time to get some fresh air throughout the day and save fun, relaxing activities for later. Ultimately each person is different and you have to find the right schedule for you.”

The last part is very important; something I have learnt over the past year being with my boyfriend. We both have different methods to de-stress and although I would love for him to do yoga and meditation with me, he’s not that keen on it. That’s fine and I have to accept that, as I do of the fact we are breaking up.

Establishing your own routine right now will help you to find peace with the present moment during a pandemic as it throws us into a state of perplexity.

That might mean to work less and do more for you, like practising yoga and drawing! Work on your creative outlets — now is the perfect time to.


We are all going through hard times at the moment, be it losing your job or having to find ways to keep your kids in order, it’s tough. Don’t be so hard on yourself though:

How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself During Hard Times Join me for daily online yoga classes and keep the hope in humanity — we can heal together during this time by finding peace in the present moment!

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