How to Make Yoga Your Morning Habit

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

By following this one tip!

Yoga has become a morning habit of mine; rolling out my mat is the first thing I do when waking up because morning time is the best time to practice yoga.

How to make yoga a morning habit doesn’t involve overpriced classes or fancy smoothies but the key ingredient is investing time into yourself.

I started as a stressed, broke student, so don’t be put off by popular generalisations of yoga being for housewives or the new modern mums. Yoga is for everybody. It is about being a better you, requiring dedication and determination, just like any other habit.

Here’s how yoga has become my best friend, mood booster and how you can make it a morning habit to start your day off on a high by following one tip:

First things first — why do you want to make yoga your morning habit?

To begin with, don’t start yoga because you aim to:

- Pull off that pose you have seen on Instagram (at least not as your sole motivation).

- Become an influencer (be a good-doer, a Peace-Bringer).

- Make a lot of money (only the experienced/advanced teachers do).

Do begin yoga because you desire to be:

- More patient, kind and caring.

- More connected to what you want and who you are when moving and getting fitter.

- More self-aware and self-confident in your ability at being you, nobody else.

“If you work on yoga, yoga will work on you.” — Guru Baba Harri Dass

Now then, how to make yoga your morning habit requires you to follow and find this one tip out for yourself:

Set your intention to practice

Every day is a new day for you to become a better, brighter person. Intentions could translate into goals, in other words, they are simply things that place your self-awareness at the forefront.

An intention allows this awareness to flow through, so you can cultivate meaning and positive vibes when making yoga a morning habit. Here is how to set an intention.

When setting goals or good intentions at the start of the day, you set yourself up for success. The same applies when you adopt some sort of physical activity after waking up, and yoga is a 3-in1: stretching, breathing, relaxing.

When starting a routine or diving into yoga, positive intentions will unlock your inner power from practice to purpose off the mat as well.

A mantra will invoke a shift in focus and find your true state of serenity within. Intentions spur on habits to take shape because you are actively taking charge of what you want and most importantly, what is good for you.

So what intentions or mantras does one set?

1) Something that begins with I am, so you can tune into the power of belief. Ask yourself: What do I want out of today and it can follow with “I am… resilient, ready or raring to go.”

2) Centre on positive attributes or characteristics you would like to work on. Love, peace, joy — a personal favourite.

3) Be inspired by a statement, favourite lyrics, quote or verse out of the Bible (as I do).

No matter what it is, words that will resonate with your heart and bring out the best in you, sparking self-awareness and confidence.

There you have it! A few last words:

How to make yoga your morning habit relies on you to tune into your inner desires, needs, strengths and bring them to the surface so yoga may help unravel them.

Setting intentions will lead you on with that extra bit of encouragement we all need in a personal practice because they enable a focus to fight off the monkey mind.

Make up your mind today and make yoga your morning habit.

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