How To Make Your Home Wherever You Are

Home is a feeling. Learn how to make your home where your heart is — including a check-list

For the past eight years, I’ve not lived anywhere longer than a year.

Funny part: I only realised while recently cruising the streets of Berlin en route to my third viewing of the week.

Do I feel anxious or unsettled? Quite the contrary.

I feel free, grounded, and growing at a rate I never expected. Every day offers new challenges when not having that physical ‘home’ everyone yearns for.

Home is where my heart is.

Whether it’s to feel safety or security, the idea of making a home is a society driven term for us to invest money into mortgages, settle down, feel like we own something etc.

So let’s explore how to make your home wherever you are and most importantly, how it makes life much more fun; for me at least!

Back to my roots

Ever since moving at the age of 16 from my hometown in the UK to Germany, I decided to never attach myself to anywhere afterwards.

It was the worst possible age to move a teen across Europe to a new college, friends and language when all I wanted was to stay with what I considered to be home comforts. I was devastated. I still remember how much I cried back then, but that’s also to do with heightened hormones as a crazy adolescent!

In the end, it was the best thing that happened to me.


I embraced newness with aliveness, found that this is a part of my path, and saw this opportunity to be who I wanted to be because:

“Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” — Basho

I made life-long friends, learnt so many things intellectually as well as emotionally. My mind opened up to people in a completely different way than my old small-town state of mind. I became inquisitive. I was blooming; my best friend wasn’t. But that’s a whole other story…

This experience entertained the idea that I can move anywhere and make it my home, so I did. After studying for two years in Germany, I decided to uproot and leave my house from my parents.

I moved to northern Spain at 18 — fresh, free and ready to be me.

So, there you have my short story and just from that, there are many ways on how to make your home wherever you are, here are three:

Have an open mindset

During this time as an au pair, I fell in love with a Spanish guy and a culture. So much so, I saw Spain as my new home. I wanted to stay so bad; ended up returning to the UK to study.

After that, I moved back twice to southern Spain and still felt this warm feeling of home.

Every time I went to Spain, I saw it as a new chance to develop on every level. I strive for change. I got to know the culture in different ways and loved how I spent my days (mostly consisting of a beer in the sun!).

This open mindset made me see Spain as another home because I found comfort and curiosity paving my path. I happily changed. I became more mindful.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

Now, seven years later in Berlin, I’m still moving but loving it. After not even a year of being in Berlin,

I’ve moved five times and now looking for a new place to live.

OK, so it’s not entirely ideal nor my doing: it’s tough to find your place in Berlin, especially as a freelancer etc.

But that’s OK. I don’t stress.

I am a firm believer in synchronicity and what’s meant to be will be.

Go with the flow

So I flow with it. I enjoy going with the flow — it makes my life fun and self-development a priority. Don’t know how to go with the flow? Here’s how.

The nomad lifestyle suits me because I refrain from worldly attachments and attach myself to my world within — the most important one we have.

Sometimes you need a nudge or something terrible to happen to find your flow and let go. When my best friend died at the age of 21, I knew I had to help other people like him with mental health issues — that’s why I write, coach, and teach yoga. I am a mindfulness guide. My mission was to find out what I wanted to do because I now had more of a reason to raise positive vibrations.

This became my priority — not settling down or finding a home because:

“We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until we splash into something that forces us to find a new course.”  — Arthur Golden (Memoirs of a Geisha)

Still not feeling your flow? Here are three habits you need to get into it. Last but not least, when learning how to make your home wherever you are, remember to:

Feel safe in your surroundings

We all crave safety and security — it’s in our nature. Safety has been taught to us by society through material items and money. We measure our security through finance, what we own rather than WHO WE ARE.

Feeling secure and safe in yourself is so much more important than all the money in your bank account. One day, it can all go and then what?

You hit rock bottom because you’ve not put the attention and care into yourself as you have into your secure life that society has pushed you to attain.

Find safety in yourself by looking within and finding peace; then, your physical surroundings will take shape to honour that feeling.

As Victoria Gigante states: “Feeling safe is a basic human need and part of the foundation that allows us to relax and open up to the world around us.”

So if feeling safe comes from within, how do you make your surroundings homely and cosy?

Check-list on how to you make your home wherever you are

I make anywhere my home by:

  • Living out of a suitcase (minimalist life ftw).

  • Taking paraphernalia with me, aka postcards, dreamcatchers, books.

  • Buy and look after plants.

  • Making a sacred corner or part of your room dedicated to reading, meditating, ways to relax and release.

I guess you could say they are essential in enabling me to feel at home wherever I go.

You too, can make a home where your heart is. Be open, be mindful. When you listen to your heart and let intuition take charge of where your next home is, will you be free, like me! How to make your home wherever you are depending on letting go, looking within, being open to what the world has to offer you (more than brick walls!).

Thanks for reading and stay blessed. ❤ Buy my short self-help book on how to cope with changing times and check out my daily donation-based online yoga classes.

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