How to Notice You Are Not Alone In Nature

You are never alone when in nature, here’s how All of us are lonely. Loneliness is an epidemic itself — research shows in the UK alone 1/5 feel lonely. When I feel isolated, I tend to go on a walk outside in nature as it revives my senses, relieves my stress.

So here’s how to notice you are not alone in nature because when outside:

“You are entering inwardly, the essence of you beams through as you act mindfully, being present in your presence with nature.” — Chill Out and Cheer Up by Grace Grossmann

Nature is our natural habitat.

“Escape to the forest or nature reserves as and when you can, so that you may find peace in placing yourself first. It has been found immersing yourself in trees can cause anti-cancer cell activity to occur.” — Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide, Grace Grossmann

Ever sick of our concrete jungle? Do feelings of isolation and loneliness seep in? Well, it’s very typical! In effect, as humans, we are not supposed to be enclosed in landmarks and buildings but rather in open space and nature. Our natural habitat is nature — that is where we feel fuelled and fulfilled.

I notice this feeling of release whenever I am in the forest. Being brought up with my grandparents living in the black forest, it is my safe space. Whenever I walk through the woods, I find peace. Where is your safe space in nature?

The second way on how to notice you are not alone in nature is the fact that:

Birds and animals are living life.

Ever tune in to birds tweeting, and you realise you are so much smaller than you think you are? Tuning in to what is around you allows you to come out of what may be chewing you up within you. Your thoughts, your feelings are all up and down, come and go. When I tune in to the birds tweeting around me, I feel so safe and free. Nature still works around you with ease and no rush. Nature gets everything always done with no plan. Let’s learn from nature instead of tear it down.

We can also learn from trees.

Trees are a good example.

Trees stand tall. Alone. Of course, they are surrounded by other trees, but they are sole and still. Trees fascinate me. Although I don’t know each by name, I could name you a few in the black forest here in Germany. Nonetheless, I have a tattoo of the tree of life because I feel that we have so much to learn from trees.

  1. They are the oldest living organism in the world.

  2. They provide food for animals and us.

  3. They stand tall.

  4. They are still and solemn.

  5. They never complain.

  6. They don’t judge.

  7. They are alone.

So there you have it — reasons on how to notice you are not alone in nature from nature being our natural habitat to trees standing tall and alone, we may find comfort in nature easier than you think! Here’s how to appreciate nature in lockdown: How to Appreciate Nature in Lockdown We can appreciate nature in a new enlightening way, here is how Before you go

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