How To Start Your Month The Best Way

It enables me to live a life full of peace, love and abundance

I’ve been moving every few months for the past year. Since then, it’s crucial to have some sort of order in place for my mental health. One way is mind mapping at the start of every month.

It has helped me to start a business and go freelance while moving around successfully. I have learnt to stay in sync with my inner peace and go with the flow.

Mind mapping at the start of every month allows me to accept where I’m at; trust is key.

Do you also want to start the month with a fresh perspective on life? Here’s how to start your month the best way:

What is mind mapping?

First things first, a mind map is a diagram that assists you in visually organising your mind’s ideas. According to Wikipedia, these ideas are:

“Connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those major ideas. Mind maps can also be drawn by hand, either as “notes” during a lecture, meeting or planning session, for example, or as higher quality pictures when more time is available.”

Here is a course that breaks down what a mind map is, but I think we all have the creative capacity to mind map freestyle and go with the flow of your brainstorming. So now let’s consider:

Why start your month with a mind map?

There is a multitude of reasons. My favourite is that it enables me to reflect, release and revive on where I want to be.

Especially right now — after a big break-up, moving out and losing my job — putting things down on paper helps a hell of a lot! Just as journaling does, it releases emotions. In essence, it is a deliberate state of moving forward. My mind map is meditation.

According to, the technique is a:

“Highly effective way of getting information in and out of your brain. Mind mapping is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally “maps out” your ideas.”

Usually, I only map out my ideas at the start of a new year, but I’ve been going through a lot recently; we all have. To gain some insight and clarity in your life, writing out all your goals, dreams, and wishes will offer you a different perspective on things. Perspective is what we need right now.

The organisation of our lives is limited, but we can learn how to accept what we can’t control and find comfort in what we can.

We can still try to organise our thoughts and time to think more positively about the things we can do, like being creative, exercising, having new healthy hobbies etc. With that said, yesterday I took some time out after my mind frazzled from many hours of screentime and decided to mind map.

This month, I did it a bit differently and drew a sunshine swirl in the middle of a page and divided it into four sections with one corner dedicated to words for the month:

How to mind map?

There is no set way on how to create a perfect mind map (it doesn’t exist to all those perfectionists out there!). They are visual diagrams created from your heart and mind, so let yourself go. However, there are some steps to take that could help you find your flow.

Firstly, create categories you want to focus on for the next month. From money, family and friends to finances, health and hobbies, the map is your oyster! This month I chose productivity, passion, and people. These three words mean a lot to me and finding balance in my life right now.

Here are some useful questions to consider before you mind map:

“To inspire ideas, ask yourself: What’s most important to me about this part of my life and why? What would success ideally look like to me? What’s the one thing I would change if I could?” — Brandi Gratis

I am in a stage of acceleration in my life. I feel passionate about what I am doing — writing, creating, teaching — so productivity naturally follows. Finding a balance is key. One way I balance is being in touch with the people I love.

Now more than ever, we need connection. If we can’t be in human contact with anyone, then we must create collective energy, so that was a big part of my mind map.

Reminder: Don’t just centre the mind map around productivity, career, money, and work. Now is the

time to focus on friendships, people, and community too because:

“As humans, we crave connections, and they are essential for our wellbeing and sense of worth.” — Grace Grossmann, Spring 2020: The Season Of Self-Discovery

In conclusion:

Starting your month the best way means sitting down, taking time out to ponder and reflect. It includes connecting with your creativity and finding what feels right for you, where a mind map is marvellous in making sense out of the scrambled mess in your mind. Find out what you want in life, begin a new era with new energy, and feel the positivity seep through.

A mind map is about making a spiritual and emotional connection with yourself to reach your goals and make those dreams come true! Have fun!

Thanks for reading and stay well ❤

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