How to Strengthen Your Faith Through the Spirit of Yoga

Whatever or whoever you believe in, yoga can help

Yoga focusses on the mind. It is a tool to connect mind, body and spirit to achieve peace. Faith heightens this connection too, be it in Buddha, Islam or the universe — you can use yoga to strengthen your faith and belief. 

I used yoga to reconnect with God and strengthen my faith in Him. Yoga itself is an exercise of faith. Here’s how:

I’m not a Buddhist or Hinduist (despite my mother’s belief when I completed my YTT in India!), but I believe. There’s a difference. Being on the mat has awakened a spiritual connection within; leading me closer to the God I believe in, His plan for me and my mission on Earth.

Everyone has a mission and yoga can help you get to grips with it. Are you a believer? Be it in Buddha or anything else, yoga can strengthen your faith. It has for me. My morning routine rewires my desire to follow God. Even if you’re not religious, yoga will strengthen your desire to be spiritual.

Outlined below are the three steps on how to strengthen your faith through the spirit of yoga:

Read the scripture

When waking, I roll out the mat and read the bible — it has become customary. If there is a verse that resonates with me, I take it to the mat as a mantra. For example, I’ve been recently suffering from morning anxiety and found a verse in Psalms 139:23–24:

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

It has stopped my morning tummy from turning and getting nauseous due to doubtful feelings arising. So I put my trust in God. I am confident He will provide, no matter what. I trust in the universe, so can you if you don’t “believe in God”. Just believe and your yoga practice will elevate your energy.

How to strengthen your faith through the spirit of yoga involves reading the sacred text you believe in. Yoga has helped me achieve this state of peace with the guidance of Gods word.

Repeat the text

Mantras are a way to become fully present in the moment. If I repeat the text I have read that has resonated with my mind at that moment, it helps me flow. Verses become my mantras. Yoga is the tool urging me to believe more and more in the scripture I read.

When I read “you are good, you do good” after applying for jobs for the sake of it, I stopped and centred my focus within. I thought “no, this isn’t me”. So I prayed and promoted a message through God’s word that I would seek work to do good. I wouldn’t have truly reached this realisation without yoga — this is how to strengthen your faith in the spirit of yoga.

Do you have a favourite verse from scripture you go back to or are you searching for answers? Yoga will aid you in realising, awakening and strengthening that faith.

Now is your time to use your source of faith to help you deepen your yoga practice. Once doing this, don’t forget to:


Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.” — Soren Kierkegaar

Praying is a big part of any religion due to the fact it enables you to share your concerns and place your trust in whomever you believe in. Praying makes you stronger in mind and body. So does yoga. It is a gateway to self-discovery and spirituality. 

I believe that God listens to my requests and rantings of the mind, so I wholeheartedly try to dedicate time every day to pray. It lets me get everything off my chest so I can feel more at ease. When I pray before yoga, it will strengthen the reason I come to the mat, be it for forgiveness, energy or relaxation.

When I pray after my yoga practice, I thank myself for taking the time and God for providing me time to tune into myself. How to strengthen your faith through the spirit of yoga lies in your hands, so let’s put our hands in a prayer position and begin to believe and breathe!


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