How To Use The Word "Do" To Be More Confident

The effect of removing “try” out of your vocabulary and replacing it for “do” for more confidence. At the start of every yoga class I teach, I like to focus the mind on a mantra that will recenter our focus during the practice. This week, I took a positive affirmation, “I’m trying my best”, and something didn’t sit well with me.

I realised the power of trying tainted people’s ability to try out new poses. The next day, I took the mantra, “I’m doing my best” through the practice and noticed more powerful energy. That’s because you can be confident when you stop trying and start doing.

So here’s how to use the word “do” to be more confident!

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” ― Tim Fargo

Think before you speak

In response to my mum always saying, “I can’t…”, I mean, “Yes, you can!”. She’s going through a lot at the moment, and I’m helping her build up her confidence again, as she did mine when I was a child. It’s an exciting experience; I am honoured to have this chance to show her how amazing she is (but that’s a different story!).

So whenever I say this, she replies, “Yes, you’re right.” I am right, but it’s not about who’s right and wrong here, it’s about how we can train our brain to think positively. Slowly but surely, she's becoming aware. Are you?

Negative self-talk is a catalyst of death. As ADHD, depression, loneliness is rising significantly in teens and adults; we must think before we speak.

Everything starts within our mind. The first step in how to use the word “do” to be more confident is by replacing “try” with “do” then noticing your actions materialising through the power of your mind. If you are already saying “I’ll try my best”, then a hint of doubt, a smell of fear is present. Remove it! Wake up! Start your day saying “I’ll do my best” and notice the difference in your energy levels.

Stop trying; start doing!

As says,

“FBI agents are taught to hunt the good stuff. It can be hard at times because positive information is like Teflon and easily falls away. But negative information, like Velcro, sticks.”

Train your brain. Start thinking before you speak and searching for the good stuff; you only need to take a sneak peek. Everything you need is in front of you already, because:

Everything is energy

How to use the word “do” to be more confident can come from seeing everything as energy. You, me, this laptop, my tea. We are all made of energy, and what we give off comes back to us. We are like batteries that charge off each other’s auras. I’ve noticed the more positive I am, the more natural creative ideas come to me, like creating my current group coaching course to make balance achievable.

The more I connect with my coaching clients, yoga students, friends, family with positive energy, the more I evoke trust in what I do. Yes, I’m trying my best (I’m new to building my business, and that’s OK), but I know I’m doing my best when I notice my accomplishments, constant effort and energy. Words are energy. Are you mindful about what you are saying? Are your words evoking positive or negative energy?

“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” ― Roy Bennett

Become more mindful

When we are mindful, we are alert, we feel, we own our words. Words become a fountain of our thoughts. Now I am teaching yoga regularly, I take mantras through my classes and can see the difference in my energy and students too. They work for mental focus as well as evoking trust.

As a mindfulness guide, I am aware of how much power words have over you, especially as a well-being coach, and working with clients who are stressed or low in confidence.

Are you aware of what you say to yourself? Think about it. Treat yourself like a child.

This week, I have started all my yoga classes with the mantra “I am doing my best”, and I feel it. I am fuelled with passion, filled with confidence, and hope my students are too. When we know we are doing our best; we can congratulate and forgive ourselves with more ease, rather than if we state we “try” and might not even get there.

You can do anything you want to do! Believe it, do it, live it. 

Before you go

Thank you for being here.❤ 

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