Yoga with Grace

Grace be with you!

Yoga with grace is about finding your own grace and gratitude on the mat.

I am here to support you in developing a hatha yoga and meditation practice by exploring various positions and emotions, welcoming self-acceptance and awareness in.

I am confident I can lead you in poses that feel good for you (no matter your level), and we can delve deeper into what suits your comfort and challenges your boundaries.

Yoga is a process of self-discovery - I am here to help you on that journey. Here's why...

From the wisdom and peace surrounding the River Ganges, I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2018. Beforehand, I discovered yoga at the age of 19 when suffering from stress during my studies. Yoga found me. As a result, I co-founded the yoga society and taught classes to tons of students. Through my relationship with God, I daily surrender to the mat so my sins are forgiven and I may be restored with grace and gratitude. I have spread this peaceful power to students, friends and family members for the past 4 years.

Through my calm and charismatic manner, let us connect, reflect and raise your energy vibrations. Your health and wellness matter because you matter.

Join yoga with grace today!

Weekly classes:

Tuesdays 17.30-19h Vinyasa flow

19.30-21h Mitte Stufe 

@ Bridge Yoga Koepenick 

Saturdays 8 am Vinyasa Flow

Green Yoga 

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