Do you struggle with stress management?

It's time to find grace and gratitude on the mat.

I am here to be your mindfulness guide and support you in developing a

Hatha, Yin or Vinyasa flow yoga practise, and mindfulness meditation by exploring various positions and emotions, welcoming 

self-acceptance and awareness in.

I am confident I can lead you in poses that feel good for you (no matter your level), and we can delve deeper into what suits your comfort and challenges your boundaries... 

All while SMILING! 

Yoga is a process of self-discovery. Are you ready?

 I am here to help you on that journey. Here's why...


From the wisdom and peace surrounding the River Ganges, I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2018.


Beforehand, I discovered yoga at the age of 19 when suffering from stress during my studies. Yoga found me. As a result, I co-founded the yoga society and taught classes to tons of students. Through my relationship with God, I daily surrender to the mat so my sins are forgiven and I may be restored with grace and gratitude. I have spread this peaceful power to students, friends and family members for the past 4 years.

Through my calm and charismatic manner, let us connect, reflect and raise your energy vibrations. Your health and wellness matter because you matter.

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Join yoga with Grace today!

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